I’m Aubri Ebony. Lifestyle and Commercial model on the East Coast of the US. I am represented by BMG New York, Click Models of Atlanta, Benz Model and Talent, The Diamond Agency and 2 additional boutique agencies in Florida. I’ve been modeling since 16 and signed with my first agency in 2016. In 2018, I graduated with my Masters in Marriage and Family counseling and today I use my knowledge of the mental health field and my years of experience in the modeling industry to provide not just industry guidance and support but to also provide mental health insight in an industry that can be a bit harsh. I cover topics like casting anxiety, depression from not booking, low self esteem, eating disorders, handling inappropriate sexual behavior from clients and photographers and so much more. From confidence building to portfolio building, I help models on their journey to becoming an industry professional.

The Model Counselor Podcast is a series of interviews with successful model and entertainment industry personnel who open up and share their challenges and how they became successful.

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Model Coaching Services are available outside of the model community. Coaching sessions are charged per hour. Group classes and workshops are available. Services are available to parents, agencies, talent groups, school organizations and more.