Model Coaching Services are available outside of the model community. Coaching sessions are charged per hour. Group classes and workshops are available. Services are available to parents, agencies, talent groups, school organizations and more.

  • Model Counselor Master Class

  • $150/HOUR
  • In this Master Class we cover understanding & executing facial expressions, learning how to enhance poses and give guidance on understanding the modeling industry.

  • One-On-One

  • $55/SESSION
  • In person or virtual meetings to help the model or aspiring model achieve their goals ranging from confidence building to portfolio updates. This also includes guidance and insight on developing into an influencer, blogger or public figure.

  • Private Pose

  • $85/HOUR
  • In person or virtual coaching on understanding angles, facial expressions and body awareness as preparation for still photos or moving pictures such as music videos, posing videos or other creative visual projects.

  • On Set Pose

  • $125/HOUR
  • In person pose coaching to enhance the success and comfort of the model on the set of a project or photo shoot through guidance on movement and poses.

  • Workshops & Meetups

  • $50/PERSON
  • Model Counselor Workshops include Pose Workshops, Expression Workshops, Runway Workshops and Model Meetups where we discuss the industry, gain insight, ask questions and learn how to better yourself going forward in the industry.

  • Facial Expressions

  • $75/HOUR
  • Learn how to understand your face to enhance and improve your facial expressions the next time you’re in front of the camera.

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